Thursday, 4 July 2019

updating life | july edition

hey there, assalammualaikum!
its been a long time i'm writing here and i feel like to do so today. it just a random blue day but still okay for me to handle it, alhamdulillah.

people might notice i am inactive but i actually enjoyed reading all blog post every week by your guys superb contents, thank u. its clear my mind and i did have that 'me time' by reading, alhamdulillah.

the last published book that i read ( school books didnt counted hahaha ) was ' letters to god ' by norhafsa hamid! it is a great book and i want to buy more at iman publication TT lets earn some money, dear self! it talks about a journey of young girl's life during her studies at overseas. plus its all about her letter to god, i.e a form of one of her du'a method. thats such a beautiful thing i ever read and i hope what i write also conveys to allah rightly. also please pray for me that i able to go study abroad as well, amin!

my school life was hectic and i find that i'm still not on the gear. i really hope that teacher can stop giving homeworks and give me a break time to study by myself tbh hahahaha. trial was less than a month & i hope i can do better tho, insyaAllah.

so yea that just a quick update of meeeeee. may allah ease everything for us & please continue doing good deeds yeorobun!

ps : please recommend a good book! 


  1. I pray that your studies would went smoothly and hopefully you can join me in Japan one day x

  2. 'Letters To God' catches my eyes every time I went for a short stroll at the bookstore, maybe you can do a review someday? Tehee, now I am thinking of getting it!

  3. i've read a similar one too. ^^

  4. i've never read that book but i've seen the cover! soo pretty :3

  5. I'm here to recommend Quran as a book. We need to read it every day. :(

  6. I'll pray for you that you'll get to study abroad


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