Friday, 26 April 2019


In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Pernah tak, kau bitter dengan semua orang sampai budak pun jadi mangsa? Kalau ya, tolong berhenti.

Pernah tak, kau dengki dengan orang sampai kau rasa kau je yang betul? Kalau ya, tolong berhenti.

Pernah tak, kau bertalam dua muka sampai kau tak sedar orang dah tahu sebenarnya perangai busuk kau? Kalau ya, tolong berhenti.

Sometimes, I always wonder why people can do these kind of such things. Are they satisfied? Are their heart full with hatred that much? Can we not fix their mentality? I always ponder and still am. I kind of sad, especially when it involves people around us and that moment you can't help those victims when you want to protect them dearly...

If someone have answer, please tell me on the comment below to ease this little curious girl. I was once told by Diana Rikasari in her one of books, #88LoveLife that sometimes, we do not have to understand. but instead, understand ourself better and improve. ( i might mistrans this but if im not mistaken, this is what she said! ) & i guess that is good point. we can't change people unless they want to right? but we can change ourselves to the better one & spread the kindness self :) i chose to believe that. it just some incidents make me get bent out of shape and i cannot help to vent this frustration into my blog lolol.

err I don't know if this blog post will give you answer, or create more question marks in your mind because I just feel like to write something over this. but you know what? we r 10 days to go ramadan mashaAllah! may allah ease our worship and everything there amin!

see ya


  1. Yeah me too.. I, sometimes, wonder why people can do these kind of such things.

    Maybe sebab we're all just a human. Tapi tak semestinya title manusia boleh beri kita lesen untuk buat jahat kan?

    Tapi itulah dunia. ada baik, ada jahat, ada hero heroin, ada pros, ada cons. ada jatuh, ada bangun. turun naik.

    tak semua baik, tak semuanya akan ikut apa kita mahu dan suka. because everythings happen for a reason. ada hikmah.

    maybe kita jumpa orang macam tu so that kita takkan jadi seperti itu.
    maybe kita jumpa orang macam tu so that kita boleh 'bimbing' dia become a better person. such as give advice, pray for them, etc.

    "kill them with kindness". gitchuw hehe.

  2. aamiin. can't wait for ramadhan too. it's okay to feel bad, sad and have all those negative feelings inside you because this is about you. but be sure to come back stronger. people might not be able to give you the answers but im sure u'll find it somehow whether it is outside or from within you. life is a journey. you'll find experience, frustration, guilt, happiness and etc but take it all as a lesson. it applies to all including to those all around you. may everything goes well for you my dear. take care.

  3. Was told in a class that every single person in this world has their own role regardless how evil they are or how angelic they are. Again, I was told in order to change the society - it has to start with the nearest things within our radius.

    Our own self.

    Being bad or being good does not depends on the universal agreement I guess? What you may deem good perhaps is not in linear with others ._. cause we are human in the dunya and dunya is a weird place XD

    1. Couldn't agree enough. Maybe I just overthinking hshshs

  4. living in this world we are all bad in someone's story. sometimes we didn't mean to hurt people but it seems like we hurting them vice versa. because we are all different.
    I cannot agree more with you about changing other people. susah but in the end we did our best kan?

  5. The quote from Diana Rikasari reminds me of what I used to hear in some of my favourite movies.

    "you must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi.

    Kita takde jawapan to why people act like that, but we can learn about it and change if we ever think that we come close to being like those people. I've encountered so many people like that, in the end, I make the bigger move. I turn back and leave them behind and changed because I know they won't change.

    Eid Mubarak to you in advance :)

  6. kekadang they just want attention. i do have a friend like this. i know she is not a bad person but the way he crave for attention make other feel uncomfortable.


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