Thursday, 20 August 2020

Life update

 Life Update

Hi assalammualaikum everyone.

It has been like 16days I stayed here at Matrikulasi and Alhamdulillah, everything is okay. I managed to overcome 'homesick' feeling but somehow broke into tears after finishing my first day classes. It was a totally overwhelming feeling and I felt so much insecure towards other people ( whom now know as my classmates ) I got to say, the title of that day was ' back it again, hi low self confidence ' uh that sum up pretty much about myself. But now alhamdulillah, I'm okay.

My roommates are another thing that I shall really feel blessful with. They are kind-hearted and that is another Alhamdulillah. Allah grant my du'a. I spent my time by myself a lot since I have no old friends here but luckily I have my cousin here, so I always went here and there with her. For now, I'm not really into my classmates yet but maybe soon? Oh btw I love it when stranger smile at me! At bathroom, at my floor level, my neighbours. oh I FEEL SO HAPPY.

Being here, everything makes me to think twice. Should I wash my clothes that I just wear like half-day? Should I go to cafe where I have to wait for half an hour at night? Should I strive myself to save my pocket money? Should I ... ( & the list goes continue )

Annnnnnnd although tak best lagi duduk sini, but ok kita akan jadikan dia best. Hahah.

Study is really a last thing I shall mention but yea, it is chaotic. When they say it is fast track, they didn't lie. It was like everyone seems catch up but me. I always stunned over the WhatsApp group conversation, saw my classmates asked this and that topic where I don't even managed to read yet. Online class lecture doesn't sound fun AT ALL, I'm not lying. What do you expect them teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics through video? What worst is, they use Google Translator voice and lullaby bgm. Oh gosh.

Nonetheless, that is that. Kena harungi and percaya dekat Allah untuk perjalanan kehidupan sebagai pelajar ni kan? Hihi. Okay, bye2