Friday, 30 September 2022

First Week at Kubang Kerian.

First Week at Kubang Kerian.

Hi and Assalammualaikum dearest. How are you feeling today? Hope you able to find ease while reading another chronicle of my life. It’s nothing much but an experience of staying in Kelantan for about one week? More or less. And what am I doing here…. is actually because of the campus-calling, lol. It’s been like one plus year I started my degree, and not to mention, as online student at home. But the time has come now. Being at campus taught me two three things and I realize how important it is to appreciate each of the lessons here.

But first of all, I never knew the journey to Perak-Kelantan was that exhausted. East-west highway that provided is not highway that I’ve imagined. It’s so dizzy, tiring and exciting (over the fact that it was my first time, lol!) and honestly, it reminded me over the journey to Cameron Highland, which I hate but alhamdulillah, we safely arrived after 6 hours. Prior ahead the registration date, we were staying at Sarah’s house for few days. Sarah was my childhood friend, back then at Melaka. We grew up together, trying stupid things that you can think of for girls till she had to move to Kelantan. It’s fascinating how we were able to meet again after 7 years. Shameless plug but I cherish her with all my heart. If there’s one thing I can describe her, it is.. strong. And her mum’s cooking..? Chef kiss. That flashback when her mum always sent food to our home… I miss that. Bless.

Back to campus life, Alhamdulillah, I think it’s all good? No drama to be concerned at yet since it just first week except on how I deal with my own behavior and actions here ahaha. My roommates are good people. My PBL mates are too. I also did interact with my batchmates as well during practical session and basically, new faces that entering my life is added continuously here. Being a shy person, it’s quite hard honestly. Two of the girls in my PBL are people that are very friendly with everyone. Every time I am with them, people would recognize them and I feel so small in term of that ahahah. There is nothing wrong with them. In fact, I write this blog post in order to ensure myself that there is nothing wrong with me too. So Ariena, listen.

It’s okay to feel shy. You are at new place, you are with new people. It’s okay to feel like that.

I know it takes time for me to break the wall and openly express my feelings but over all things, the most important thing is to be true at least toward myself. I completely aware that I would like to get out from my own comfort zone in term of social life. However, it cannot be done in a day. So ariena, calm down. I want to avoid the insecure term because it seems negative to say to my own self, and I think I am not insecure, lol. I just feel shy, that’s it. I know my own strength. I am doing great and it is okay if it takes time. People are not mean, and the time will come, for me to find my circle I guess. In Shaa Allah.

That’s it for now. The purpose to write the post is achieved. I think validating my feelings through writing bring so much compassion to myself. Good, good. Hehe. Bye!