Sunday, 30 December 2018


In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Assalammualaikum and hi everyone. I have an untold story today so let me share to everyone.

Believe or not,

2018 was 'that' year that bring me up and down so much. I'm grateful that I'm still alive. Still breathing, alhamdulillah. I remember I was anxious, waiting for the new year, at the very last day on December 2017. I was excited to begin the whole new things. I want to revamp all the mistakes to pure glitter, at least. I was innocent and still am. I guess that just how life is. We are enthusiast over something and then things just went like that.

2018 was a year that I went through everything in a very fast, very hectic and very tiring mode. Me, myself who loves to overthink doesn't even have time to deeply think over something anymore and that was quite funny. Great as well because at least I became more assure about situations and not day-dreaming too much.

2018 was also a year that I became reckless more than before and I hate that fact. I hope 2019 won't be the same again. All in all, 2019 will be the year that I will actively join #spreadkindness events. I guess it is more important and fulfilling to do rather than doing right things that sometimes hurt people. Kindness is over everything and I believe that.

and I couldn't recap that much about my 2018 stories to be honest but the real-est thing is, I figured out that I had successfully remake a blog and I really satisfied with it. It was one of my 2018 wishlist along side I happened to learn riding motorcycle, one week before 2018 ended. I enjoyed reading people's thoughts and points of view though hahaha.

2018, thank you.

ps :: i also want to share you guys the things that i was enjoying throughout this year. well maybe some of em?

ㅡ Suscribed to Aida Azlin's love letter.
ㅡSuscribed to HiHo Kids' youtube channel.
ㅡWatched Naruto series.
ㅡHardworking to ensure the room is always clean and spacious.
and more and I believe you guys too!

What are the things that you were enjoying throughout this year? Share it in comment section :]