Friday, 6 December 2019

Assalammualaikum ladies.

As you guys might know from my last post, I had moved to Perak where my hometown is. Thus, I get to know some of my far-relatives here. Well, I guess it's not far-relatives anymore? Despite the hectic schedules i.e to unpack our things, I happened to look on my Tok Su, who I don't really know her very well. When I visited her home, it is a very small home where, kandang kambing is just a stone throw away from her house. After a few knock-knock, I was surprised to see this very small grandma, who just finished eating her medicine, was alone. She didn't really recognize my mother at first, but knew right away after my mother introduced herself.

Actually, it was just too sad, and my tears almost touch the ground because Ya Allah, how can an old mother living there alone...? Allahu. I pray that I won't leave my parents alone and my future children won't leave me alone. Listening to her stories, made me realized so much things in this jeopardy world where we still, have a bunch of people who neglect their parents and being selfish to prioritize their own family while ignoring the parents. I could not help but get bent out of shape over this. Tok Su said, " This is how world works. When we grew old, this is how our life gonna be. "

She then added on, " Even though children give us, a box of gold, this cannot replace our loneliness at home. " True enough... It just like how we heard at the local radio. It did made me reflect a lot and I feel scared as if it's going to be same all over again, to other people as well in the future despite how much we raise the awareness. Or maybe it might occur in my life as well, Nauzubillah Min Zalik. It just a short visit, but leave a big impact for me today. If I am at Tok Su place, how can I face it? Am I ready to face it?

It made me realize that I shall learn to break the ice, all the time actually. As I known for the loyal introvert, at least I should learn to communicate better with elders, hatta with my parents. Being an anti-social is not wrong but please know your limit. I wish I can talk more and express more like I write in the blog, in real life. Be real, nonetheless. Living in new place already made me learned a new thing, plus I am growing older. If back then my teachers and classmates didn't really care if I didn't talk that much, but now not anymore. People surrounds you, who don't know you will misjudge you, will misunderstood you etc etc. I guess that just how life is. Trying to not impress other people but know your boundary, when you are in the community.

I really hope you visit your parents frequently, my friends. My father always remind my sibling, " Sehina-hina mak abah kau, tak cium bau syurga kalau kau derhaka dengan dia. " Allah humma ya Allah, all the things are organized perfectly by You, by Your own better way. May all the parents' who are mistreated, will have a bless reward at the akhirah.

Loves, Ariena.